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Organize your thoughts with meditation so the six elements of well-being are developed simultaneously and collaboratively in such a way that actual life solutions are tailored to what is best for you and your goals.


MotiCube Method

Object meditation is a visual meditation style that involves focusing the mind on one particular thing - an object in front of our eyes or an image of it. It is often highly recommended for beginners who find it difficult to still the mind. 

MotiCube is a motivational guide with harmonized colors and symbols as mental cues, organizing thoughts and activities to be more productive to address the six elements of well-being namely: Spiritual, Physical, Time, Emotional, Mental and Reality.  The meditation exercises are relaxing and organizes your mind developing spirit, memory, learning, and creativity.  If you would like to try out the technique a simple free guide can be downloaded in the Guide page.  The Cube can be used for better visualization, kinesthetic feel and concentration. 

The book titled Laser Focused further explains the method which is exciting and revolutionary in its approach.  Based on well documented and proven techniques in the area of meditation, self-improvement and motivation. MotiCube is provides immersive training that organizes the topics in a convenient integration to ensure users are always on-track with day-to-day activities.  As with any self-meditation exercises, results may vary.    

2 Timothy 2:21 - Those who cleanse themselves from all wicked items will be instruments for special purposes, made holy, useful to God and prepared to do any good work.
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