Jose Lopez is a Christian, certified in Guided Meditation and Exorcism with a Degrees in Engineering and Management. In addition, his technical and law enforcement investigator experience has given him insights into systematically improving one's life both mentally and spiritually. 

His experiences have inspired him to develop a unique program that is composed of six elements of well-being, managed in an organized approach; utilizing a prayer meditation object as a guide with the goal of helping individuals with their overall wellness and career success.  Feel free to contact Jose for your personal, team or organizational needs.
The MotiCube program is unique, effective and very powerful with the eventual goal of providing solutions for most of society's pressing problems such as insomnia, phobias, stress reduction, habit control, weight control, self-esteem, motivation, learning, athletic performance, enhancing creativity and regulating depression. In addition, its design simplicity and detachment from technology are specially tailored to address screen addiction prevalent in today's youth.