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The MotiCube Method

Disclaimer and All Rights Reserved

© Jose Lopez, 2018

The information is for educational reference only and is not a substitute to personalized professional advise based on your unique situation.  It cannot solve physical or mental illness or disabilities that may need professional medical help.  Each individual case is unique, results may vary.  

The author expressly disclaims responsibility, and shall have no liability, for any damages, loss, injury, or liability whatsoever suffered as a result of reliance on the information contained in this resource.  Never meditate or read while preoccupied such as driving or operating machinery.

No part of this guide may be sold in any form or by any means including mechanical or electronic without the prior written permission of the author.

Procedure for the MotiCube System

MotiCube 60 Second Challenge

For absolute beginners or those who just want a quick session to keep yourself focused on your goals, it is recommended to simply do the “MotiCube 60 Second Challenge,” by touching each symbol with your thumb and allotting 10 seconds for each face such as:

1)  Triangle – Meditate: Spiritual

Make a short prayer to the Supreme Being, Society (improvement of relationships) and Self (knowing yourself) to give you the motivation and energy to achieve your Cube goals which are the benefit of all.

2)  Square – Execute: Physical

Visualize yourself exercising, eating a good diet, making money, and organizing the world around you.

3)  Hourglass – Sequence: Time

Envision your long-term goals, and then your to-do list for today and imagine getting them done.

4)  Arrow – Heal: Emotional

Think of the emotional block that is preventing you from attaining your short-term goals, imagine removing the block, overcoming it by positive self-talk and thinking of the better outcomes. Imagine the block being replaced by positive actions.

5)  Circle – Educate: Mental

Think of all the things you have to learn to attain your goals and imagine the best methods to learn them such as having a flashcard or list and dynamically articulating its content.

6)  Eye – Screen: Reality

Imagine yourself organizing and executing your daily goals in the right place with mood music, positive self-talk, full of energy, motivation, concentration and assistance from the people around you.

After this 60 second challenge, count 100 seconds to finish the non-essential task that needs to be cleared at the moment and then proceed with performing the next priority goal on your daily to-do list.  You will notice these simple procedures will always keep you on-track.   

Please refer to the associated book, Laser Focused (purchased separately) for more detailed explanations of the method.

Stay focused!

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